Arrested Desires

Arrested Desires

by Michelle M Pillow






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Futuristic Romance

 X Quadrant, Baida Proper, Earthbase 5792461

Juliana Harrison is in serious need of saving. When her neglectful husband abandons her along with their marriage, she’s stunned—though she knows she shouldn’t be. The man was a jerk and she’ll be better off without him. However, just when she thought he could sink no lower, he puts a restraining order on her, claiming she’s been threatening his life just so he can take their Earthbase home.

 Officer Maverick Perkins looks like he’s stepped right out of the past and right into her life. Like everything else on the Earthbase of Baida Proper the police style is what she liked to think of as retro-Earth, based of the twentieth century as it was back on the planet Earth--except of course for the obvious, like squad cars that hover not drive and guns that fire lasers not bullets. Unfortunately, Maverick has been sent to evict her. He’s the last person she’d expect to come to her rescue. Yet somehow, he manages to turn what should have been a terrible experience into something Juliana will never want to forget.

Warning: Graphic content, adult language.



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  Chapter One

X Quadrant, Baida Proper, Earthbase 5792461

Juliana Harrison stared at the police officer with a cross between gratefulness and dismay on her face. He didn’t have the classic crew cut she’d seen most officers on the base wear, but his short blond hair was neatly trimmed and his dark blue uniform was immaculate. It had pleats ironed down the front of the pant legs. Like everything else on the Earthbase of Baida Proper, the police style was what she liked to think of as retro-Earth, based off the twentieth century as it was back on the planet Earth—except of course for the obvious, like squad cars that hovered not drove and guns that fired lasers not bullets.

Even the houses looked like some old suburban concoction with their mock aluminum siding and picket fences. Most of the residents of the base didn’t realize the historical influence, but Juliana’s father had been an architect and she grew up learning about such things. History had always fascinated her, not that she had gone anywhere with it. No, instead she’d gotten married.

Keeping her eye on the man before her, she continued to study him. Badges and pins adorned the officer’s short sleeve shirt, drawing her eye to the stately symbols, which led her eye down his toned body to the firearm that hung along his waist on a thick leather belt. He was a handsome man, in the militant sort of way most men of the law had about them. Glancing over his muscled chest, she read his metal nametag. It said, “M. Perkins.”

More like Officer Mmm-mmm, perfect. Perfect Perkins.

Officer Perkins had been nice to her since she had walked through the front door of her home, but that didn’t change the fact that he was there to evict her from her own house. His partner, a chubbier version of the tall handsome stud in front of her, had left to get food. She had offered the use of her food simulator, but apparently there was some office policy about taking bribes of any kind—even something as small as lunch.

Standing in the middle of her living room, Juliana’s whole body shook. How could her husband do this to her? How could he get a restraining order against her? He was the one sleeping with some twenty-year-old bimbo, not her. He was the one asking for a divorce. They’d been married for eight years and now Jeff wanted a divorce. How could he throw what they had away? So, they weren’t happy, but eight years was a lot of time to invest into a marriage. It was a good thing they’d never had kids.

Thankfully, in the eight years of marriage she hadn’t stopped getting her pregnancy shots, which protected her against both pregnancy and disease. They were practically mandatory on Baida Proper anyway, and if she’d stopped it would’ve been bad for their image. Though supposedly confidential, things like that had a way of leaking out. Not that she had a reason to be worried about disease. It’s not like Jeff had touched her since he started his extracurricular activities, unless he’d been cheating from the beginning, which was possible. Juliana honestly didn’t know.

She looked at Officer Perkins. Why was she thinking of her shots right now? She wouldn’t allow herself to do anything about her attraction to her personal rescuer. First, she just couldn’t. Even though Jeff had cheated on her, left her, treated her like space dust, she was still technically married, and Juliana just wasn’t a cheater, not even in the most extreme circumstances. Second, it had been five years since she’d had sex and she wasn’t sure how to even begin seducing someone, let alone know if she’d do it right once they started. Third, she wouldn’t let herself mistake feelings of gratitude for anything more. It wasn’t fair to anyone. She could easily see how a woman could get attached to a man like M. Perkins.

It’s a good thing we didn’t really have a marriage or this might actually hurt more than annoy.

Juliana really didn’t know why she was surprised. In hindsight, she should have seen it coming. It was a tale as old as time. Wife works while husband finishes degree at prestigious law school. Wife creates beautiful home, entertains husband’s bosses and colleagues, and helps husband secure a partnership within his intergalactic law firm. Husband has mid-life crises, realizes he doesn’t need wife anymore because he’d gotten all the work out of her he could and leaves her for a twenty-year-old with fake, Medical Alliance for Planetary Health created boobs and the IQ of a Lophibian slime trail.

Wait, no, that wasn’t being fair to the slime trail.

Juliana suppressed a laugh at the thought.



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Release Date: May 2012

Word Count: 22,000

Heat Rating: 4/5


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