Call of Temptation

Call of Temptation

by Michelle M Pillow






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 Paranormal Shifter Romance

Call of the Lycan 3: Call of the Temptation


James O’Connell lives simply, except for the whole hunting werewolves part. As one of the three lycan princes of the O’Connell clan, it’s his duty to enforce the lycan law. When a member of their clan begins killing humans, he’s sent to bring the rogue wolf in.

Claudia Hughes lives an ordinary life as a computer software analyst. Her mother and grandmother had psychic intuition, but hers is severely underdeveloped. Taking a solitary vacation, she trusted where instinct led her and ended up at the end of some crazy woman’s fangs. She’s led into a surreal world where lycans exist and passion for the man who saved her is the least of her worries.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.



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Copyright © MICHELLE M. PILLOW, 2008

“No,” James shook his head, trying to will what was happening to stop. “Die, just die. Don’t fight death. The pain that awaits you will only last. Welcome the peace that comes. Don’t fight to live.”

The woman screamed again and he knew she wasn’t listening. Her body did what bodies instinctively did—it fought to survive. Only this was most likely to be a losing battle. James swore under his breath, glancing out at the ocean to where Meghan’s boat had disappeared. He couldn’t steal a boat and give chase, not now, not when there was a changing human he needed to take care of. There were no others on the island to leave her with.

Almost calculatingly, he again looked at the woman writhing in agony. Yet, if by some miracle she lived, she might be the key to stopping Meghan. Her tie to the treacherous bitch would be strong. Turned ones always sought those who killed them. It was a strange irony that they’d be drawn to the makers of their mortal deaths.

Having had more training with turned humans over the centuries than he’d like to admit, James cleared his throat and reached for the woman’s face. His fingers tangled in her soft hair before finding her sand-covered cheek. Emotions whirled inside him as he looked at the woman, compassion and pity, curiosity and a sense of duty and honor. Brushing the locks from her features, he revealed a pretty, little mouth and big, scared, dark eyes.

James took a deep breath, the words of comfort he planned on uttering leaving him completely as he stared. Her lips opened wide and she gasped for breath, but she no longer screamed. Ocean waves crashed near them, pulling and pushing his soul with each surging of the tide.

“You,” she whispered, almost accusatorily. “My ancestors whispered to me in my dreams that I would find you.” She closed her eyes tight and the strange spell between them dissipated as she again began to yell in pain. Her words made no sense and he knew the loss of blood had made her delirious.

“Easy, young one, I will care for you. Let the pain lead you into darkness. Once you pass out, it will be easier to bear.” James lifted her into his arms, scanning the beach to see if anyone was near. If she kept screaming, she’d draw attention and the last thing he wanted was some do-gooder coming to her rescue. Careful not to suffocate her, he smothered her face into his chest, letting the vibrations of her torment muffle against him. Her light body barely slowed down his steps as he jogged with her across the shore, back toward the small inn where he’d procured a suite earlier.

When he saw a group of people walking and laughing along the shoreline, a strained smile came to his lips and he gripped the woman in his arms tighter to silence her cries. He veered away from the group, hoping the meager distance would afford him safe passage. Their attention turned briefly to them and he smiled, trying to force all the charm and ease his tight, stressed body could manage. One of the men, a yuppie in white slacks and a blue polo shirt, waved.

“I see someone has had too much to drink,” a woman exclaimed merrily. The others laughed, resuming their conversation. The woman in his arms pushed hard against him and managed to free her head. She opened her mouth, ready to yell. James crushed his lips down on hers, taking her would-be scream into his mouth. The woman jolted, her mouth jerking against him, more from the writhing in her body than any measured response. Still, the kiss startled him with the intense lust it conjured. James gripped her tighter, pried his mouth away before he delved his tongue again into the warm depths. He sighed in mild relief when he made it past the group of humans. He pressed her face to his chest once more.

By small degrees, the woman’s cries lessened, as did her struggling. His rented quarters were right off the beach, reached by a small, worn trail in the surrounding narrow strip of tall grasses. The company had called it a suite but it was really more like a private building isolated from other guests. It was the only lodging available on the island due to tourist season and he was suddenly glad that luck had afforded him privacy and two bedrooms—not that they would be staying there long.

As he carried the woman up the narrow, wooden stairs to the deck, the sound of faraway music from a dockside restaurant penetrated his thoughts. In any other situation, carrying a woman to his ocean-side bedroom, surrounded by soft music and moonlight, would have been highly romantic. Finally reaching the sliding glass door, he set the woman’s feet on the ground. Her head lulled back and she whimpered.

Pulling the key from his pocket, he unlocked the door and once more picked her up to carry her inside. A queen-size bed, television and small chair were the only amenities in the bedroom besides the faux-oak dressers. Laying her gingerly on the bed, he moved to shut the door in case she began screaming again. Moonlight streamed through the room and he quickly pulled the curtains shut, blocking it out. The darkness didn’t bother him as he navigated the room with ease. Walking to the large bathroom adjoining his room, he flipped on the light. A soft glow illuminated the bed, as if framing her for his perusal.

With time to study her, he strode slowly across the floor, watching his shadow move over her body. Putting one knee on the bed, he leaned over her, telling himself he was just checking her vitals. But instead of her heartbeat, he listened to her raspy, almost passionate-sounding breath. Instead of gauging her temperature, his fingers caressed her soft skin, brushing granules of sand from her cheek and jaw. He pushed back her hair, revealing the bite mark on her neck. About a half-dozen puncture marks indented her flesh, attesting to Meghan’s bites. The smell of blood wafted up to him, her blood.

A moan filtered past his lips as he instinctively leaned closer. Drawing his tongue along her throat, he licked, stroking long and slow over her flesh. A thready pulse caught up in his ears as the taste of her essence filled him. The memory of the forced kiss on the beach made his lips tingle. Unable to help himself, he did it again, moving his mouth to her still one. It had been decades since he’d tasted human blood and the salty tang was just as sweet and pleasurable as he remembered. His lips slid back to her throat, tasting her. The beast inside him howled in ecstasy until James too gave a light howl of approval. His lust hit him hard.



"5 Hearts! Ms. Pillow always delivers an exciting story with characters the reader can care for.  A must read!" - Valerie, Love Romances, March 2008

"5 Stars! As always, Michelle does a slam up job... Top marks!" Euro-Reviews, March 2008

"5 Stars! Michelle Pillow, I have to say that three times, is definitely the charm. Call of the Lycan - Call of Temptation exceeded my expectations. Not only does it deliver suspense, action, a bit of adventure, a hot road trip, and conspiracy, it also gives two fantastic characters you can’t help but to love, and a villain you can’t help but to hate. ...  Michelle definitely knows how to turn the heat up. ...Call of the Lycan - Call of Temptation was well written and a wonderful way to see the final brother get his girl." Literary Nymphs Review

"Having read several Michelle Pillow novels in the past, I had very high expectations for this release as well, and was not disappointed. " Simply Romance Reviews

"Anyone looking for an action-packed, suspenseful, and erotic tale that reads quickly should enjoy this series from the talented Ms. Pillow." ParaNormal Romance, March 2008

"5 Angels! Call of Temptation is a great third book in Ms. Pillow’s Call of the Lycan series... I know Ms. Pillow has finished telling about the three O’Connell brothers but I would love to see more stories about the Lycan clans. Maybe she will do another tale with some of the interesting secondary characters or even introduce some more Lycans in another story. You can never have too many good Lycan stories!" - FAR, March 2008

"I found the sex steamy, the characters well rounded and the humor an enjoyable complement to the rest of the story. Good reading and great fun." - Alternative Reads, March 2008 

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Amazon ASIN: B004Y6AFZG

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4524-5951-6

PRINT ISBN 13:978-1466250345

PRINT ISBN 10: 1466250348

Release Date: April 2011

Word Count: 36,000

Heat Rating: 5/5



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Michelle M Pillow has always had an active imagination. Ever since she can remember, she's have had a strange fascination with anything supernatural—ghosts, magical powers, and oh…vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful?

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Call of the Lycan

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