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Raven Gift Card Giveaway

Raven’s Recession Gift Card Giveaway!

We know times are tight. We’re feeling the pinch too. We also know that the first things to be cut from most household budgets are the luxuries like book buying. Often we have contests that features free downloads or paperbacks (yes, we’re including those in this too) but we thought it would be nice to do more—to help ease the pinch as best we could. Our solution, a massive gift card giveaway contest. We’re giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes!

How does it work?

Glad you asked! Once a month we’ll randomly select winners from those who have entered. They’ll be notified via email.

What are you entering to win?

You’re full of awesome questions! We have lots and lots and lots (can’t really stress this enough) of gift cards to nationwide retailers to give away, plus free book downloads, free paperbacks, and pretty much whatever else we can think to toss at folks come winner selection days. Examples of just some of the ones we’ll be giving away—Wal-mart, Meijer food, Gordon Foods, Kroger, Visa pre-paid cards, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Outback, Chilis, Red Lobster, Old Navy, Macy’s, Sears, Hot Topic, JcPenny, prepaid gas cards, starbucks, and many, many more. Also, we’ll be tossing in free downloads of our books and paperbacks as they’re available to us to giveaway.  UPDATE to prizes: DSI Lites, kindle ereaders, video games, moives, tv box sets and much, much more!

How often are we selecting winners?

Monthly! Again winners will be notified by email and if it’s a gift card (rather than an e-gift card) that you won, we’ll need your snail mail addy to send it to you. Don’t worry, we’ll ask you for it if you’re a winner.

Can I pick which gift cards or prizes I get?

No, sorry. We’re randomly selecting winners and pairing them equally as random with prizes.

How do I enter?

We'll be drawing out winners from a few different places this time around. From our Raven Books newsletter mailing list members, from Raven Books Twitter Followers and from Raven Books' owners Michelle Pillow & Mandy Roth's personal mailing lists, facebook followers and twitter followers. If you're already on all the mailing lists and follow each twitter/facebook, yay, you're already entered to win! If not, here are the direct links for each.

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The Raven Books Twitter

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Michelle M Pillow Email Newsletter

Mandy M Roth Twitter

Michelle M Pillow Twitter

Mandy M Roth Facebook

Michelle M Pillow Facebook


Why aren’t you posting winners name publicly?

We got dinged for doing this and are taking a small break. Apparently, not all people who enter contests want their name out that they entered and won. (Frankly, I find this odd but that’s me… Ouch, Michelle just slapped me for saying that publicly. I feel someone had to.)

When should I start?

Now! The sooner the better. We’ll repost this contest page in its entirety at the start of each month of the contest as a refresher for any who might have missed it and a reminder to any who might want to enter more than once.

Can I get a bonus entry if I also promote this contest in addition to promoting Raven Books?

You sure can! Just be sure you’re promoting Raven Books first and foremost. Then, if you spread the word about the contest too, you’ll be entered multiple times.

Any stipulations?

Yes, you must be 18yrs old or older to enter. Contest is void where prohibited. No, we will not send you cash equivalent and all the other normal disclaimer stuff inserted here_____. Yadda yada yadda yada….






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