Cupid's Enchantment

Cupid's Enchantment

by Michelle M Pillow






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Naughty Cupid Series Book 1

 Paranormal Historical Romance



Contrary to popular belief, Cupid is not a cute little cherub. And he’ll take revenge on any who say differently. Just ask Ilar, Commander of the Lycaon guard…

Lady Rhiannon’s beauty is distracting suitors from her older sister and ruining her chances at marriage, so her father has her locked her away in a tower. Believing she is going crazy from the isolation, Rhiannon hears a frightful voice. The next thing she knows, she's waken up in a strange forest pursued by mythical wolf men. And, worst of all, their leader is taking her home with him.

Ilar is irritated to discover an enchanted female—a human, their ancient hunters—disrupting his Lycan Guards. One sniff of this mortal’s enchantment and the men go insane, trying to kill each for her hand. Only in making her his lover can the spell be broken. Ilar has no choice but to claim the female for his own. But who knows what will happen when Cupid’s Enchantment is broken….


Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.



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Michelle M. Pillow

To all those who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day--a Cupid you can love.




Cupid was livid. No, he was outraged. He was beyond furious.

Make fun of him, would he? Make the whole court at Lycaon think he was a joke--an incompetent clod that couldn’t make two pigs fall in love! Call him a fairy, would he? Call him a rosy-faced cherub? He accidentally hit a man instead of a goat with a love dart, causing one couple to fall in love four hundred years ago, and he got branded a matchmaker for life.

Bah! Ach!

It was time for the jests to end! Cupid would show them what this squat little cherub could do. He’d have the last laugh. He’d prove to them that not only could he make the whole Lycaon court fall in love--he’d make them fall in love with the same woman!

Oh, and this was his favorite part! He’d not get just any woman. He’d bring one from the mortal realm--the ugliest woman he could find! See how the wolves liked panting after a human--their ancient hunters, the whole reason the realms of mortal and magic were separated in the first place.

His short legs pumped along the dusty abandoned path coming from his cave home. He angrily kicked at little daisies that dared to grow along the side, ruining the look of his taller weeds. He hated flowers! He hated lycans! And he most definitely hated to watch people fall in love!

Cupid paused in his tirade to look at the vial of bright pink philter in his gnarled troll hand. A wide grin spread over his thick, long lips, dipping under his oversized nose. His small black eyes lit with greedy pleasure. This potion was the old magic. No simple blow dart would do this time. Once he doused the mortal woman with this pheromone, the entire Lycan Guard would be brought howling to their knees.

He’d find a woman for them, all right. Then that overbearing Lord Ilar would never doubt his magic again!

© copyright February 2005, Michelle M. Pillow

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.




"I highly recommend Cupid's Enchantment to lovers of magic, passion and love, I truly enjoyed it from first page to last." Summer Lasaire, In the Library Reviews June 2006

"4 Blue Ribbons! In CUPID’S ENCHANTMENT, Michelle M. Pillow has written another wacky, wonderful, and spicy book. This is humorously filled with love, frustration in a good way, and the madness of Cupid’s stubbornness.  This book should be added to your collection of paranormal.  Be sure to read other books by Michelle M. Pillow or you will be missing out on the comedy, annoyance of the libido, and the captivating charm of her characters.  As the reviewer for this book, I was enthralled with the characters and the other realm in this paranormal historical." Connie Spears, Romance Junkies, June 2005

"4 Angels! Cupid’s Enchantment proved very entertaining with the twist on Cupid’s role in the love department. I often found myself laughing out loud at his antics. The love scenes between Rhiannon and Ilar set these pages on fire, even when nothing more than kissing transpired. Ms. Pillow has a penchant for writing steamy episodes that will keep the reader coming back for more." Jennifer, Fallen Angels Review, June 2005

"4 cups! Michelle M. Pillow has taken an old favorite and given it a new twist." Sonja, Coffee time Romance, March 2005

"4 STARS! I really loved Ms. Pillow’s version of Cupid in this enchanting tale. She paints a very visual and amusing picture of this less than loveable creature and his attempt at revenge...This is definitely a book to fall in love with, just don’t tell Cupid." Susan Biliter, EcataRomance Reviews May 2005

"4 1/2 UNICORNS! Cupid’s Enchantment pulled me into a world of magic that was very hard to leave when the story was done. I loved how Cupid wasn’t the cute cherub that we see all over the place come Valentine’s Day, this one was an ugly troll bent on revenge... Michelle M. Pillow again built a world that comes alive around you and her characters are real enough to touch and feel for. I highly recommend Cupid’s Enchantment to lovers of magic, passion and love." Lyonene, Enchanted in Romance, June 2005

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Electronic ISBN:978-1-4524-7566-0

PRINT ISBN-13: 978-1460962121
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Release Date: July 2010

Word Count: 50,000

Heat Rating: 4/5


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Cupids Enchantment

Cupids Favor

Cupids Revenge

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Michelle M Pillow

Michelle M Pillow has always had an active imagination. Ever since she can remember, she's have had a strange fascination with anything supernatural—ghosts, magical powers, and oh…vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful?

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Naughty Cupid Trilogy

Contains Stories:

Cupids Enchantment

Cupids Favor

Cupids Revenge