Denial of Service

Denial of Service

by Reagan Hawk






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(Previously released under author name Mandy M Roth)


Futuristic Erotic Romance

Book 2 in the Cyber Sex series.

Admiral Jonas Myers was only looking for a brief break from Star Union Command. He never expected to find a pleasure droid that made his pulse race. He also never expected to fall in love with her.

Nora has two options—marry an abusive used parts dealer of her controlling brothers’ choosing, or flee, risking punishment by death. Wanting one night of freedom even at the cost of her life, she decides to make a run for it. Little did she know she’d be rushing into the arms of an admiral—the one man capable of saving her life, at the risk of losing her heart..


WARNING: This book contains hot, sex with machines, or so the hero thinks, strong language and lots of other stuff the author refuses to apologize for.




Must be 18 years and older to read. If not, please leave the site.

 Planet Fengaria, in the Bagune Galaxy

Admiral Jonas Myers kept a close eye on the brothel owner as he swiped the credits token. On more than one occasion the shady men had tried overcharging him for droid sex. This price seemed in line with the others and he’d paid for enough to know.

The brothel owner, middle-aged, balding and with a gut that didn’t quite fit into the shirt he’d tried to stuff it in, handed the token back to Jonas. “Last room on the right at the end of the hall. It’s the XT model you wanted.”


“You planning to invite buddies or something?”

Jonas stared at the man. “Why do you ask?”

“Because the XT model is for multiple partners. If you’re gonna have your friends fucking my droid too, you need to pay extra. And don’t go double-stuffing any holes. It’s a bitch if they get stretched out. Only one dick per hole at a time, got it? I don’t care if you tag team it but don’t double-stuff the same hole.”

Jonas eyed the man, wondering if he’d always been a sleaze or if this was relatively new. As he raked his gaze over him, he suspected he was born that way. “Got it.”

“You know the rules?” the man asked. “When you’re done, put the droid in the decontamination chamber to disinfect her for the next guy. No burning ’em, no beatin’ ’em and no takin’ apart to see their insides. You break it, scratch it or dent it, you buy it.”

Rolling his eyes, Jonas nodded. He knew the rules. They were the same at brothels universally. Hell, brothel owners had less rules when you asked to fuck an actual girl rather than their droids. Guess it really did come down to the bottom line and droids cost more than human women to replace. A sad truth on most planets, present one included. “Yeah, yeah, I know the spiel.”

The owner pulled a vial of serum out and popped it into a standard issue medical injection gun. “Arm.”

Jonas put his arm on the counter, allowing the brothel owner to inject him with serum specially made to help a man achieve multiple erections over the period of several days. There was an instant rush as the chemicals were absorbed into Jonas’s bloodstream. Warmth spread through his body, centering in his groin. His cock pulsed with need and he knew his walk to his rented room would be stiff and slower than he’d like.

He nodded his thanks and headed down the dark, dank hall in the direction of his rented room. The door to the room was wood and the paint was peeling from it. Spending almost all his time on space vessels and space stations, Jonas often forgot what wooden doors were like and wasn’t sure why anyone bothered with them anymore. He twisted the knob and entered the room. A woman spun around, her expression guarded at first.


All the sex droids he’d fucked had lacked any expression beyond sexual excitement. He lifted a brow at the sight of her. She was breathtaking, but wearing too many clothes for his liking. “Undress.”

She tipped her head, appearing almost confused by his request. “W-what?”

He sighed. She was smoking hot, but if she was defective, he’d demand a new droid. Sexy or not, he’d paid good money to have the edge taken off his sexual needs. Either she’d obey or he’d find another model that would. “Take off your clothes now. I want to look at you.”

Reluctantly, she followed his order. As each layer of clothing fell away, Jonas found himself engrossed more and more in the woman. There was something captivating about her. He put a hand up as she reached the final layer. “Slowly, I want to enjoy this.”

She listened, inching the material over her body. He stared at the hot little number before him. Her breasts were just the way he liked them, handfuls of smooth globes with the ripest of pink berries just waiting to be sampled. His mouth watered with the need to lick them. Her waist was narrow and her body lean. She looked to be about five or six years younger than him, but he knew better. She was a droid. She’d probably come off an assembly line a year or so ago.

She stared up at him with wide eyes, looking almost timid. It was refreshing. Normally, the pleasure droids he paid for wore virtually no expression. “I like the innocent look, keep it,” he said. “When I fuck you, tell me you’re a virgin. Play the part, got it?”

She nodded slightly and waited for him to instruct her, as a good little sex kitten should. He didn’t pay for sex with flesh and blood women because he didn’t like having to take any extra time with them. Even the ones who claimed to just want a hard fast fuck really wanted more and too often they got crazy notions in their heads when they caught on to the fact he was with the Star Union. Droids didn’t think past the orders given to them. Their pussies were always wet, willing, ready and tight. They tended to be cleaner in more ways than one than the real deal and they didn’t beg to be taken off world or want a commitment.

“Get on your knees and put my cock in your mouth,” he commanded. His cock, already hard from the serum, was ready to burst if he didn’t get relief and soon.

The droid’s mouth gaped open for a moment and he thought she might actually refuse him. She took a tiny, hesitative step in his direction.

“I can get the brothel owner in here, if you want me to.” It was an empty threat, but one he knew would make the pleasure droid respond. There was no way he’d ever put anything through the torture he’d heard the owners could, and would, inflict on their girls. Even if the droids couldn’t actually feel pain, Jonas wouldn’t bring the wrath of the owner down on them. If he hadn’t been hard up for a good, long fuck, he wouldn’t have even set foot in the place.

Without a word, she walked to him as he unfastened his pants. She watched his actions with a strange curiosity about her. He’d never seen a droid react in such a manner before.

Once his cock was free of its confines, she dropped to her knees and stared up at him with the most amazing pair of blue eyes he’d ever seen. She was beautiful, more beautiful than any pleasure droid he’d ever encountered. Also more lifelike than any he’d been with before. And he’d certainly commissioned a good number in his days. He’d fucked his way through countless droids.




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Denial of Service

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