Prepared to Please

Prepared to Please

by Reagan Hawk







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(Previously released under author name Mandy M Roth--expanded and revised edition)


Futuristic Erotic Romance

Book One in the Cyber Sex Series
Short Story

Prepared to Please (Cyber Sex Book I)  was previously published under the author name Mandy M. Roth

She's hot, willing and ready do anything to satisfy him at a single command. Captain Roman Parker's dream woman? Not quite. Because she's not real. The hologram he's created to relieve his sexual tensions is a poor substitute for the real Destiny--the woman who makes his blood boil and fire shoot through his loins. Except Destiny doesn't want him...or so he thinks.

Lt. Commander Destiny Stewart has had her eye on her superior officer from the moment they met. Not wanting to lose her position aboard the expedition vessel, Destiny sticks with pleasuring herself and enlists the help of a holographic likeness of Captain Parker to really get her juices flowing. Technology brings Roman and Destiny a soulless satisfaction--until they discover just how much better the real thing can be.

WARNING: This short story contains hot, explicit sex told with graphic language, sex with machines, holograms, a drop dead sexy captain and a stubborn as all can be woman



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 Destiny stood there with her mouth open. She’d seen naked men before but Captain Parker took the cake, the cupcakes, the cookies and any other damn sweet she could think of. Heat rushed up to her cheeks and she hoped he wouldn’t notice. She did her best to pull her gaze away from the massive, sudsy serpent that seemed to have sprung to life between his legs but couldn’t. From the moment she’d laid eyes on him, she’d tried to imagine what he’d look like without his uniform on. There was no way she’d done him justice.

How could she have? Men simply didn’t come in that size, did they?

He cleared his throat and her head snapped up.

She’d been caught gawking at his naked form. At any moment she’d surely burst into flames from sheer embarrassment. She was positive of it. Finding her voice was difficult. When she finally did it was measly at best. “Sir, um, sorry, Captain.”

He laughed but something was off in his voice. It has somehow managed to sound sexier than normal. Deeper even. “Stewart, I’ve asked you to call me Roman several times before. Now that you’ve seen me with my clothes off, perhaps you can feel comfortable enough to start doing it.”

“Yes, Captain, erm, Roman.”

“Can I call you Destiny?” he asked, never moving from his spot, his hand still on his shaft.

You can call me whatever the hell you want to, she thought to herself as her gut pulled tight. Snap out of it, girl. You’re two steps away from drooling.

“Great. Then Destiny, would you like to join me, or would you like to meet me in the hallway in about five minutes?”

“Join you?” she asked, still trying to get her wits about her. For a fiercely independent woman, she couldn’t seem to keep a level head anywhere near Captain Roman Parker.

He flashed her a smile that screamed sex and her insides flip-flopped as cream began to flood her panties. Soon her regulation jumpsuit would have a very obvious, very wet crotch. The sight of Roman’s damp muscles and erect cock made her nipples erect and her tongue dart out and over her lower lip. It was a habit she’d always had and hated.

“Are you asking me to join you in there?” she asked, pointing to the shower.


Perhaps? What the hell kind of answer was that? She was burning up inside with desire and he was playing vague games with her. It hit her then. This was a test. He wanted to know if she’d break any of the Star Union’s rules on dating officers. That had to be it. She’d worked too long and too hard to get her position to toss it away over a test. She straightened her back and stood as tall as her five-foot-seven frame would allow. “No, Sir. I’ll wait for you in the hallway per your instructions. Thank you, Captain.”

Spinning on her heels, she stalked toward the door, more out of a need to run from the temptation behind her than anything else.



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Prepared to Please

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