Romancing the Recluse

Romancing the Recluse

by Michelle M Pillow






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Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

Stop Dragon My Heart Around Series

Tipping the Scales



Viktor Dracodomus' biological clock is ticking. As a dragon shifter, he only has a short time left to find his mate and reproduce or he'll be forever sterile. Considering he's lived for centuries, it shouldn't be too hard. But there's one catch. This recluse hasn't been on a date for some time—since Queen Victoria took the throne. Modern women are nothing like those he remembers dealing with.

Samantha Egan's life is in a slump, despite the fact she's an heiress. She was just fired from a volunteer job, her boyfriend left her and she's all alone in the world. But being the lady of propriety she is, she can't believe it when she is compelled to start making out with a stranger in the middle of Central Park. Now the sexy man won't keep his hands to himself and it's all she can do to say no.


Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.




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Copyright © MICHELLE M. PILLOW, 2006.

All Rights Reserved

Along one of the stone ledges a man rested on his back, his leg draped over the side. His dark-brown, chin-length hair was pushed back from his face. Samantha felt her breath catch. He had great features—strong, chiseled, rugged. She glanced around the area, almost expecting to see a camera crew. The man could easily have been a model. A partial growth of facial hair darkened his chin, framing the most incredible lips she’d ever seen on a man. A feeling of peace washed over her as she watched him, as if this was what her legs had led her to see—this man, at this moment, at this special place.

He was well dressed in black slacks and a tight crimson shirt, but not pretentiously so. She let her eyes roam over his tight form, lingering on the outline of his muscular thigh and delectably sculpted hip. Samantha took a deep breath, feeling a tingle in her stomach that soon sprouted into full on arousal. Her nipples became hard, sensitive peaks, reminding her that it had been awhile since she’d been laid.

Who are you?

Eyeing his firm chest, she paused in her perusal. He didn’t appear to be breathing. Maybe it was the fact that she’d just left the CPR class, but she stared at his chest for a moment to make sure he was all right. A knot formed in her stomach, replacing the sudden wash of desire that had come over her. His chest wasn’t moving.

Samantha glanced around. There were only a few people on the platform and no one stopped to help the poor man. She looked, but didn’t see any police officers that she could call for help. Almost panicked, she hurried forward. Shaking, she reached for his chest, letting her fingers hover over where his heart was without touching him. The platform, was quiet—suddenly too quiet. Everyone had disappeared and she was alone with him. She had little time to wonder where everyone had gone as she lightly touched his arm.


He didn’t move.

“Ah, sir?” She pushed harder. At her shove, his arm fell to the side, lifeless. “Oh, gawd! You’re not breathing, are you?”

He’s not going to answer you, Samantha.

Samantha licked her lips, whimpering as she laid her hand on his chest. Her fingers shook as warmth seeped into her hand and she felt a faint heartbeat. His temperature was high for someone out in the cold weather without a sweater. That was something. It appeared like he hadn’t been unconscious long.

“Okay, sir, just relax. I can do this,” she said, knowing the man probably couldn’t hear her, but feeling the need to reassure him nonetheless.

Oh gawd, Samantha, are you crazy?! Are you really going to do this? Didn’t the book say to use a protective shield between mouths?

Well, her conscience argued, he doesn’t look like the type of guy to have a weird disease.

That’s stupid! You can’t tell that by just looking at a person.

Shut up and save him already!



“Great, now I’m arguing with myself. I really am insane.”

Despite the stupidity of it, she couldn’t let the man die. Not when it was within her power to try and save him. Besides, things like AIDS couldn’t be passed through saliva. Then, looking at his still face, so handsome and strong, all thoughts of self preservation fled her. A desperate need to save his life washed over her and she couldn’t resist it.

Samantha took a deep breath, pinched the stranger’s nostrils shut and delicately pressed her lips to his to blow air into his lungs. Shaking, she pulled back. She’d forgotten to pull down his chin. Opening his mouth wide, she tried again.

Don’t die on me, sir. This day has already been bad enough.

His lips were warm, almost too warm as she breathed air into his lungs. She felt his chest rise beneath her hand. A soft, low moan sounded as she blew a second time. Samantha froze. She didn’t make that noise.

The man’s eyes popped open. They were a magnificent, soulful dark brown tinged with threads of gold. The color matched his gorgeous hair. Her mouth was pressed tightly against him, open and poised to give him a breath, and her hand was still on his whisker-stubbled jaw.

Samantha gasped, feeling as if she breathed in his warmth and life. He moaned a second time. The strange sensation of it curled within her and she tried to pull back, but the feel of a hand sliding over her hip just as his tongue reached forward to swipe between her lips stopped her. His palm flexed against her as he curled his fingers along her waist beneath her sweater. Heat shot through her from his light touch and she was too stunned to move.



"5 STARS! I loved this anthology! Michelle Pillow’s and Mandy Roth’s writing styles compliment each other perfectly. Their fantasy dragons are hot hot hot! ... Thanks, ladies, for a terrific double read and I hope more are in the offing." Holly, EuroReviews, March 2006

"5 Angels! M & M have done it once again. It seems that whatever these two ladies tackle together is a perfect blending of their storytelling skills. I have always enjoyed reading their compilations and will continue to look forward to reading them." Serena, Fallen Angel, April 2006

"5 STARS! Funny, sexy, and thrilling!" Susan, Ecataromance, May 2006

"Both stories in this duo are wonderfully sexy, well written and fast paced, filled with wonderful characters, sizzling encounters and very interesting situations, complementing each other beautifully, each as delicious as the other." Leola, Eternal Night Reviews

"4 1/2 HEARTS! If you love dragons, and very hot men, this is definitely the book for you" Maura, The Romance Studio, May 2006

"4 1/2 HEARTS! The dynamic duo of Michelle and Mandy has done it again.  STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND is a surefire winner!" LoveRomances, July 2006

"4 Blue Ribbons! STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND is sure to satisfy fans of the paranormal. Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow team together to deliver this dynamic duo of tales that certainly turn up the heat. Be sure not to miss this!" Belle Rouge, Romance Junkies, May 2006

"9/10 Stop Dragon My Heart Around contains two fabulous, linked novellas centering on dragon shape shifters, perfect if you are a paranormal romantica fan." Elizabeth, Novelspot, © May 2006

4 Dragons-Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth have managed to craft two stories that read alone were wonderful, added together were tremendous, and leave readers amazed that two authors can individually spin two tales so perfectly matched.--Gotta Write Network


For Romancing the Recluse

"5 Cups!  Ms Roth and Ms Pillow are a writing match made in heaven. I love when they team up because I know I will laugh, sigh, and gasp on each and every page. Stop Dragon My Heart Around is a double threat with the two heroes as twin brothers on the hunt for their mates. The heroines are funny, smart, and full of spunk. I highly recommend this book to satisfy your voracious appetite for sex, action and, of course, love." Jenn, Coffee Time Romance, April 2006

"4 STARS! I applaud Michelle Pillow...Bravo! This made this book a fantastically engrossing read." Sin St Luke, JERR, March 2006

"5 Angels Michelle M. Pillow applies her amazing talent to this story and introduces us to the world of unreality. Dragons really do exist. Not only do they exist, but they live amongst us as humans. Viktor is a delightful throwback with a wounded heart. He knows what he needs, but doesn’t realize, until he meets Samantha, that it’s also what he wants. I really enjoyed the first story in this pairing." Serena, Fallen Angel, April 2006

"5 CUPS! As with all Ms Pillow’s stories, humor and sex war for first place. The battle is always won by the reader who is treated to some of the hottest love scenes and the funniest dialogue and situations. This a wonderful read with a hero who steals your heart and a heroine who stirs the green monster in any girl’s heart." Jenn, Coffee Time Romance, April 2006

"4 Blue Ribbons!  Michelle M. Pillow has a true talent for luring readers into her stories and her characters’ lives...This tale is sure to grab your interest and it won’t disappoint." Belle Rouge, Romance Junkies, May 2006

"Romancing the Recluse is hot, sexy, and decidedly delicious!...Three cheers for dragons!" Joyfully Reviewed, July 2006

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Release Date: June 2011

Word Count: 30,000

Heat Level: 5/5


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Michelle M Pillow

Michelle M Pillow has always had an active imagination. Ever since she can remember, she's have had a strange fascination with anything supernatural—ghosts, magical powers, and oh…vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful?

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