Theirs to Hold

Theirs to Hold

by Rory Michaels






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Contemporary Western Threesome Romance


Hazard County Threesomes Book 2

Mario and Kirby are about as opposite as two men can get. One has made his fortune breeding horses and the other made his in the bio-tech industry. As opposite as they might be, they share two interests—one with each other and the other in Dedra Hopkins. They long for her to be their permanent third. The woman they share for the rest of their lives. She took off for the big city years ago, leaving Hazard County in the dust. Now she’s back and ready to give them a chance if they’re men enough to take it—and they’re more than men enough.

Warning: This short story contains m/m/f sex, m/f/m ménages a trios, explicit sex, strong language and a cowboy and a sexy businessman who will melt your socks off. If you’re looking for long, drawn-out plots and sweeping romances, this isn’t your book. This is a short story that won’t apologize to anyone. If you want hot, dirty, sexy and to the point, you’ve found it. If not, it’s best to move right along, this isn’t the book for you.



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Chapter One

A hot breeze blew past, bringing with it the smell of the horse barns. The shade trees helped cut down on the temperature, making it a good twenty degrees cooler when hidden from the sun’s rays. Rain had been sparse in Hazard County, but the heat and sun had not. Typical this time of year, but often uncomfortable. Sweat was worn like a second skin and there wasn’t a whole lot to be done about it.

Mario Moreno signed the last of the transfer orders for the dapple gray horses he was selling and nodded to the man in charge of getting them to their new home safely. In the heat, Mario had to doubly assure they’d be well cared for. Frequent water stops would be a must.

Will Moore tipped his hat. “Thank you kindly.”

“How long is the drive?” asked Mario. He knew, but wanted to hear it again for his own peace of mind.

“Just under four hours. I’ll stop on the way and check on ‘em.”

Mario knew the horses were in good hands. He’d been using Will for years to transport the horses he bred and then sold. Will was a standup guy who always got the job done while taking exceptional care of the horses.

Will paused. “Hey, you hear Dedra is back in town?”

Mario tensed, his hand gripping the paper tightly. Dedra Hopkins was a name he hadn’t heard mentioned outside he and his best friend in years. She was a face and body he thought of often. She’d been Kirby’s best friend all through school and Mario’s secret obsession. Well, not so secret to anyone who was close to him. Neither was his other secret—the one he’d tried to keep but failed the minute he finally admitted how he felt for the biggest nerd in school.

Kirby Tilton.

He laughed. Damn that Kirby for calling him out on his feelings for him. And damn him for being right. The men didn’t flaunt what they had, mostly because they weren’t sure how to label it. But both talked often about Dedra—though Kirby was the only one of the two of them to talk to her and he’d never had the nerve to push for something more.

She is the one for us.

He sighed. Getting her on board wouldn’t be easy. Hell, she’d run from Hazard County eight years prior and hadn’t been back until now. He wasn’t so sure announcing they wanted her to be their third would make her want to plant roots and stay. From what Kirby had told him of her sexual past, she was far from a wild child.

“The look on your face says you still think fondly of her,” Will said with a snort. Will knew all Mario’s secrets because Will held a fair share of his own, so he didn’t go blabbing to the public.

Fond of her? Fuck. That didn’t even begin to cover it. He still dreamt of her, of what it would be like sharing himself with her and with Kirby. He sometimes pictured Dedra’s face while he was sinking his cock in some local gal. He and Kirby had an open relationship with the understanding that when they did find the woman who would work for them both, they’d stop seeing anyone else.

Mario didn’t exactly have the best reputation when it came to the ladies. He tended to bed them and be on his way. It wasn’t like he didn’t tell them upfront that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. But they always thought they’d be the one to catch the white whale. It never went as they planned. He fucked them and then went on to the next. And there always was another waiting in the wings. Always someone he could close his eyes and pretend was Dedra. None of them appealed to both him and Kirby. None were the perfect one for them. Dedra was.

It’s just a matter of convincing her of that.

Until then, he’d continue doing what he was doing—banging chicks and also having a relationship with Kirby. They weren’t out in the open with everyone in town about their relationship, mostly because they weren’t sure what to call it. And all too often people let others into their business too early, only to have something good totally and utterly fucked up by folks who shouldn’t have any say in the matter. All Mario and Kirby knew was they had sparks. Sparks that ignited into an inferno when Dedra was discussed.

Some of the best sex the two had ever had came on the heels of talking through their dream of a threesome with the woman. They’d tried other threesomes but the women they picked never worked for them both. Damn, his cock was hard thinking about how good it had all felt—talking about Dedra during their time together. It would be better with Dedra. He just knew it.

It wasn’t like he had any issues with landing women. He had the money to tempt other women, the looks to hook them and the bedroom knowledge to make them want to keep him. He ran a hand through his shoulder-length, raven-colored hair and took a deep breath. He knew he was a tramp. He wasn’t exactly proud of it though.

He focused on Will. “You sure she’s back?”

Will nodded. “Seen her with my own eyes.” He whistled low. “Hot damn, didn’t think she could get any better lookin’. I was wrong. She was wearin’ some fancy jeans, that ass of hers fillin’ them out just right.”

Mario’s cock hardened at the thought.

Will raked an amused gaze over Mario. “Need some alone time, bud? You’re lookin’ like you might whip your cock out and have at it here and now.”

They’d been friends a long time. Mario shrugged. “Might. You should run along now. Quick, before word gets out and rumors spread about us.”

Tossing his head back, Will laughed. “You like pussy way too much to be throwin’ your junk out for me to see. Plus, I’m not Kirby.”

Mario snickered and patted Will’s shoulder. “Thanks for seeing to the horses.”

“No problem, bud.” Will turned to go but stopped. “How long before you’re in town, nippin’ at Dedra’s heels?”

“What makes you think I’d drop everything for her?” asked Mario. He didn’t want to admit he would, but the truth was, he was desperate to get to her. First he’d call Kirby and alert him she was in town. They’d come up with a way to talk with her about what they wanted. Kirby was the obvious choice to make first contact since he and Dedra were such good friends.

“The fact I know you.” With that, Will headed past the deep green metal trailer holding the horses and to his truck. He started it up and pulled away, waving as he went.

The man was right. Mario would head to town as soon as he showered. Then, he’d find Dedra and do what he’d wanted to do for years—fuck her and convince her she was meant to be with not only him, but Kirby as well.

He’d made himself a promise long ago that should their paths ever cross again, he’d make damn sure he grabbed hold of her and never let go. He made his way up the steps to his place and paused, looking out and over the ranch. Dedra had taken off for a different life. What if she’d found someone else to make her happy and what if she didn’t plan on staying in Hazard County?

He’d worry about all that later. He pulled his cell from his pocket and pressed the first contact.

“Kirby, she’s home. She’s back in Hazard County.”

Silence greeted him. “You’re sure? She didn’t tell me she was coming home.”

“Will saw her.”

More silence followed. “What do you want to do?”



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Amazon ASIN: B00CYT98K8

Electronic ISBN: 9781625010315

Release Date: May 2013

Word Count: 11000

Heat Level: 5/5



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Rory Michaels has a soft spot for men in cowboy boots and at one point in her life, raised pigs. Now older, wiser and slightly curvier, she pens erotic tales that tease the senses and still loves a man in boots.

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