Paranormal Romance

Mischievous Prince
Book Cover: Expecting Darkness
Expecting Darkness
Book Cover: Isolated Maneuver
Isolated Maneuver
Cauldrons and Confessions
Book Cover: Midnight Echoes
Midnight Echoes
Book Cover: In Her Shadows
In Her Shadows
Forget Me Not
Book Cover: Strategic Vulnerability
Strategic Vulnerability
Book Cover: Secrets We Keep
Secrets We Keep
Book Cover: Eternally Bound
Eternally Bound
Book Cover: The Dragon Shifter’s Duty
The Dragon Shifter’s Duty
Book Cover: Critical Intelligence
Critical Intelligence
Book Cover: Radar Deception
Radar Deception
His Metal Maiden
Book Cover: Pleasure Cruise
Pleasure Cruise
Book Cover: Date with Destiny
Date with Destiny
Book Cover: Pleasure Island
Pleasure Island
Book Cover: Red Light Specialists
Red Light Specialists
Book Cover: Immortal Ops
Immortal Ops
Book Cover: Wolf’s Surrender
Wolf’s Surrender
Hunted by the Dragon
Book Cover: Gabe’s Fortune
Gabe’s Fortune
Book Cover: Act of Command
Act of Command
Book Cover: Surrender to the Sea
Surrender to the Sea
Book Cover: Crossing Hudson
Crossing Hudson
His Fire Maiden
Book Cover: Heated Holiday
Heated Holiday
Book Cover: Stirring Up Trouble
Stirring Up Trouble
Book Cover: Falcon’s Mate
Falcon’s Mate
Book Cover: A Druid of Her Own
A Druid of Her Own
Book Cover: Prince of Flight
Prince of Flight
Stranded with the Cajun
Book Cover: Damage Report
Damage Report
Book Cover: Love Potions
Love Potions
Act of Submission
Book Cover: Spellbound
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Complete Omnibus Edition
Circle of Six: Slaine Complete Omnibus Edition
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 6
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 6
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 5
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 5
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 4
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 4
Book Cover: Separation Zone
Separation Zone
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 3
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 3
Rebellious Prince
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 2
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 2
Book Cover: Devils Among Us
Devils Among Us
Book Cover: Under His Spell
Under His Spell
Book Cover: Circle of Six: Slaine Part 1
Circle of Six: Slaine Part 1
Determined Prince
Book Cover: Hunted Holiday
Hunted Holiday
Book Cover: Broken Communication
Broken Communication
Book Cover: Prince of Pleasure
Prince of Pleasure
Stone Queen
Book Cover: Faery Queen
Faery Queen
Book Cover: Act of Surrender
Act of Surrender
Goddess of the Grove
A View to a Kill
The Dragon’s Queen
Book Cover: Administrative Control
Administrative Control
Warrior Prince
Dark Prince
Sacred Places
Perfect Prince
rise of the king
Rise of the King
Barbarian Prince
Book Cover: Act of Mercy
Act of Mercy
The Impatient Lord
Book Cover: Tactical Magik
Tactical Magik
Book Cover: Wicked Lucidity
Wicked Lucidity
Book Cover: The Guardians
The Guardians
Book Cover: Dance of Souls
Dance of Souls
Book Cover: Mating Behavior
Mating Behavior
Book Cover: Loup Garou
Loup Garou
warriors of darkness
Warriors of Darkness
Book Cover: Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Pikes Peak
Book Cover: Pisces Phenomenon
Pisces Phenomenon
Book Cover: Gypsy Nights
Gypsy Nights
Book Cover: Misfit in Middle America
Misfit in Middle America
Book Cover: Tipping the Scales
Tipping the Scales
trust in the season
Trust in the Season
Book Cover: Slake
His Highness the Duke
The Savage King
The Bound Prince
The Rogue Prince
The Pirate Prince
Book Cover: The Mighty Hunter
The Mighty Hunter
Book Cover: Commanding the Tides
Commanding the Tides
Book Cover: Captive of the Deep
Captive of the Deep
Book Cover: Taking Karre
Taking Karre
Book Cover: Carnal Instinct
Carnal Instinct
Book Cover: Romancing the Recluse
Romancing the Recluse
His Frost Maiden
Cupid's Enchantment
Book Cover: Cupid's Revenge
Cupid's Revenge
Book Cover: Cupid's Favor
Cupid's Favor
Book Cover: Call of the Untamed
Call of the Untamed
Book Cover: Good with His Hands
Good with His Hands
Book Cover: Faire Justice
Faire Justice
Book Cover: Scorched Destiny
Scorched Destiny
Book Cover: Silk
Book Cover: Taming Him
Taming Him
Book Cover: Linnea’s Arrangement
Linnea’s Arrangement
Book Cover: Securing Sara
Securing Sara
Demonic Desires
Book Cover: Parker’s Honor
Parker’s Honor
master of the hunt
Master of the Hunt
Book Cover: The Jaded Hunter
The Jaded Hunter
The Reluctant Lord
Book Cover: Seducing Cecilia
Seducing Cecilia
Book Cover: Stolen Hours
Stolen Hours
Book Cover: King of the Unblessed
King of the Unblessed
Book Cover: Ariella’s Keeper
Ariella’s Keeper
Book Cover: Whisper
Book Cover: Wild
Book Cover: A King’s Ransom
A King’s Ransom
Book Cover: Rescuing Reya
Rescuing Reya
Book Cover: Submit
The Stubborn Lord
Book Cover: Trading Teon
Trading Teon
Book Cover: Redeemer of Shadows
Redeemer of Shadows
Book Cover: Temptation of the Butterfly
Temptation of the Butterfly
Book Cover: A Midnight Seduction
A Midnight Seduction
Book Cover: Keeping Paige
Keeping Paige
Book Cover: Fighting Lady Jayne
Fighting Lady Jayne
Book Cover: Lilith Enraptured
Lilith Enraptured
adam's angel
Adam’s Angel
Book Cover: Seduction of the Phoenix
Seduction of the Phoenix
Book Cover: Blaze of Glory
Blaze of Glory
Book Cover: Somber Resplendence
Somber Resplendence
Book Cover: Ambient Light
Ambient Light
Book Cover: Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea
Book Cover: Call of Temptation
Call of Temptation
Book Cover: Phantom of the Night
Phantom of the Night
Book Cover: Submission and Sin
Submission and Sin
Book Cover: Séance and Sin
Séance and Sin
The Playful Prince
Portrait of His Obsession
advisor's apprentice
The Advisor’s Apprentice
king's choice
The King’s Choice
Book Cover: Valhalla
Book Cover: Decadence and Sin
Decadence and Sin
Book Cover: Best Intentions
Best Intentions
Book Cover: Animal Instinct
Animal Instinct
Book Cover: The Valkyrie
The Valkyrie

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