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Wednesday September 17th 2014

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Paranormal Oddities: the Boober effect.

Hi All!

I’m super excited to be blogging here at Raven, the new contributor of paranormal oddities on the blog. What does that mean? Well to me, it means talking about the odd things that are in paranormal. Now Stella, you say, isnt all paranormal odd? Nope. See vampires and werewolves are pretty much the norm when it comes to the paranormal, so they wouldn’t be part of this, well not in the traditional sense. For my blogging, I’ll be posting about the odd pairings in paranormal, the odd instances, and the weird and freaky things that happen in the paranormal realms well past our normal acceptances of the paranormal. Did that make  any sort of convoluted sense?

Anyway, Today I’m going to talk about something quite tame: Superstitions. See I’m an extremely superstitious. I throw salt over a shoulder, I lift my feet when I go over the train tracks, and I hold my breath when driving past a graveyard. And I have never questioned why. To this day I have never questions why. I just do it. It takes me back to when I was little and watching Fraggle Rock. Boober was my favorite. You remember Fraggle Rock and Boober, he was the superstitious lout that loved to do laundry. (he was also the one that had that alter ego named Sidebottom that always made you do dangerous things).

So watching Boober and is superstitious craziness now, I realize now that Boober was really just a lover of ritual. But still, since I was little, I have emulated Boober in his beliefs in things that keep the darkness at bay, though I don’t carry around a flower pot to wail on when someone mentions the terrible tunnel. (though the terrible tunnel to this day does care me.)

I call this the Boober effect. But I digress. Let me get back to the oddity part.  See people have superstitions for everything. Athletes, dancers, even authors, rituals that they do to either hold good luck on their side or keep the darkness at bay. Does anyone really know why we do these things? Is it like me, where it was ingrained in my psyche from childhood from watching TV, or do we really believe in this?

So my question to you is what do you believe? Are you superstitious? What are your more odd superstitions, and do you know where they stem from? Is it a Boober effect kinda thing, where you have learned it as you have been shown, or did you adapt something personal? I would love to know.

Stella Price is one half of the writing team Stella and Audra Price. She write paranormal romance and urban fantasy with her sister, and yes, she does have a collection of Boober fraggle dolls. She is still looking for the Sidebottom doll. If you have one, let her know *wink*