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Monday September 22nd 2014

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History of Our Insanity

Did we really say that?

Canada Haunts!

Hey there! I know I missed last month, d’oh, but the house was full of sick kids and a sick DH. It was a horrible flu which seemed to plague us the month of June.

As for this month, well I’ll have some treats coming up for you. Next week I’m going on a bit of a vacation, and I’m going to be hitting some haunted spots and ghost towns. Through research I found out my SIL’s home was actually part of a ghost town. Tres cool. August I’ll have a some great Canadian Haunts to share with you.

So stay tuned for August 16th, and some great haunted places. Maybe I’ll even catch a photo of a ghost during one of my night jaunts.

Happy Hunting! :)