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Saturday September 20th 2014

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Marketing with Mandy Spotlight on Reviewers: Limecello

Marketing with Mandy Spotlight on Reviewers: Limecello

Q: Please take a minute to tell us a little about yourself.

A: Well, on my profile(s) it says Reader, Reviewer, Lawyer, Foodie, Blogger, and Discusser of all things random.” and that really does sum me up. Well, other than the ranting. I feel like I’m a crazy angry bitchy ranter a lot. I think it’s something of a divide though. There are those people who think I’m really nice. There are those who I think if they could get away with stabbing me in the back – literally – would. Or possibly even the front. You know, win some, lose some.

At the least (or most?) though – I will say that what you see is what you get. How I am online on twitter, my blog, emails and so forth, is how I am in real life. No dissembling, no bullshit. I do, however, know how to be civil and observe social niceties. Oh, and I swear, I’m actually not a blithering idiot. I would say “I just come across that way sometimes” but… that rather negates my previous statement, doesn’t it. Dammit. (You did see that “random” part of the bio, yes?)

Q: Where can your reviews be found (what sites)?

A: Reviews. About that. And me being a reviewer. I actually asked Mandy and was like “um, what if I’m more a blogger?” But she was all awesome and said “you’re legit! I consider bloggers to be the same as journal reviewers” But it (me asking) was more like… what if I just spout shit and don’t actually post reviews all that often, but I figured I wouldn’t bother Mandy any more than I had. So maybe I snuck in here and I’m cheating the system. GO ME!

Anyway since um… ’07? I was a reviewer/blogger at TGTBTU. I’m not in the “roll” now but I think if you search for me my tags are still there? Anyway we parted ways in 2010. I’m also a blogger at Heroes and Heartbreakers, and then I have my own blog, which nobody knows what to call/refers to it as Limecello. Personally I think of it as “A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet” but what do I know.

Q: What prompted you to get into reviewing books?

A: Actually, I won something at TGTBTU O_o gosh maybe in early 07? 06? And then Sybil was all “would you like to do a guest review?” And at the time I was all like “zomg! Reviews! Fun!” I was also young and stupid. I posted something like 175? Something? reviews my first calendar year there. Never again. (So for all of you getting excited, sorry. You can leave now if you want – but hey – I try to make up for it by featuring authors at my blog.) And readers. Because I think readers don’t actually get enough love in this community. Anyway. That’s another discussion for another day.

The point is – I was going to do a single guest review. And possibly see how that went. But then Sybil was all “Hey! Where are all your reviews? Give them to me! I want reviews!” And well, if you’ve ever interacted with Sybil, you know she’s crazy. And scary. (She threatened to kill me countless of times within like the first month of my talking to her.) It wasn’t a benevolent dictatorship. But I loved her and feared her. So anyway, that’s how I got started.

Q: How has the experience been to date?

A: Uhhhh well, considering I personally rarely do reviews anymore … am I allowed to say it’s self explanatory? I just don’t know that anyone cares about my reviews. And that’s totally cool. No really. Honest. I like having reviews, and asking other people to do them, because I know – and it seems – people care about them.

Which is great, because I have some lovely, intelligent people who post guest reviews at my blog, and am looking for more people. (I think it’s just people are sick of hearing what I have to say, you know? ;P)

Also, it’s just… well, I find reviewing can take the fun out of reading. You have to worry about remembering it all, and doing it in a timely manner. And then even though you say you don’t care what others think there’s are a lot of potentially dangerous pitfalls.

I never really got into review dust ups, thankfully, although I did have one slight embarrassment. But it’s just… bleh. I think what really also killed it was the demand for them making it like work – HARD thankless unpaid work.

And then I’m totally not someone who only posts positive reviews. In fact general consensus is that I’m a rather tough grader.

So yeah. For those people who review regularly? Give them a candy bar. Or maybe I just need to get out of my head. I very much enjoy reading whatever the hell I like, whenever I like.

And I might post a “formal review” on it, or I might just discuss it lightly. Or talk about a group of books. Does that count as a review? To me personally, the latter? Not so much. But I still talk about books and what I thought. That part I like.

Of course, if I read a book and have a strong reaction to it – positive or negative, I do still write about it if I’m at all possible.

I’m as I said also actually looking for reviewers to join the blog. (Those innocent, clueless little lambs… kidding!) But if someone is going to be reviewing at ALBTALBS I want thoughtful, insightful reviews. Not just a book blurb and a sentence. So at least I’ve got the substance thing going on…

Q: If you could change one thing about reviewing, what would it be?

A: The drama. Dear God and the “rules” and the “this is how it should be” and… ugh. I mean – just look around the web for the January 2012 dust ups. That’s… yeah. Do not want. See why I generally want to avoid this stuff?

I’m extremely gifted at annoying and offending people all on my own without even posting reviews. It’d be like… using a blowtorch as a fireplace poker. >.> Not that that’s speaking from personal experience.

Q: If an author would like to submit their book to you for review, how should they go about doing it?

A: Very, very nicely. Possibly with a box of chocolates. Or a bottle of wine. Actually, there’s a contact form on my blog anyone is welcome to use. I may or may not respond, and that’s the way this sort of thing goes.

If the message asks for some sort of response, I generally do, but I get a number of WTF message with nothing but book information. No review request, nothing of substance/nothing that tells me what the hell I’m supposed to do with it. Those I ignore. … Or email to friends to mock.

I’m kidding. Maybe. No really. O_o

So yeah. Now that I’ve scared everyone away, I’d love for you to visit me at my blog and sign up for a guest spot!


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