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Sunday September 21st 2014

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History of Our Insanity

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About: Let the Wild Out by Madelyn Porter

Let the Wild Out Madelyn Porter (www.madelynporter.com)

Let the Wild Out is a paranormal erotic ménage contemporary romance. Heroine Rachel Dunne has a secret. One that will ensure her a seat on the shifter throne—a position of power she doesn’t want and a headache she doesn’t need. Thinking she’s safe from the shifter politics of the Old Country by living in America, she’s not expecting to come face to face with one of the clan chiefs in search of a mate. Only, with shifter royalty there’s a catch—one queen to two opposing clan chiefs. It’s hard enough fighting off the advances of one sizzling hot piece of alpha shifter man-flesh, but can she possibly resist two?

In this world, shifters naturally mate for life…usually just with one person. However, in an effort to maintain peace between the two shifter clans, a law was enacted that the two chiefs would share one queen equally. This sacrifice must be made or all ties between the clans would cease and war could again overtake them.

Overall, I love the way these three people make it work. It’s not just about the erotic (though that is fun and plenty in the book) but it’s about the relationships and making an impossible royal custom work in a modern day romance. Sharing goes against shifter nature, but that is what these two heroes are forced to do.

To learn more about me: www.madelynporter.com

Let the Wild Out: http://ravenhappyhour.com/Madelyn_Porter_Books.html

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