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Tuesday September 23rd 2014

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History of Our Insanity

Did we really say that?

Life of the Author… (Michelle M. Pillow)

Life of the Author…

A few years back I was contacted by a giant financial company who will remain nameless to speak at their spa retreat. They set up phone meetings (missed those phone meetings), reset meetings, emailed continually, and then finally when the higher up finally called when she was supposed to she dominates the conversation for about five minutes before saying, “We all love your book Fierce Competition. We give it to all the new employees and make the read it for training purposes. It’s my favorite book.”

I calmly respond, “You do know Fierce Competition is a romance novel and I’m a romance writer.”

She instantly hung up.

Fierce Competition released from Virgin Books (Random House) in mass market and print several years ago. You can now find it in ebook. It’s light contemporary erotic romance.

If it wasn’t funny, I’d be mad they wasted my time before doing a quick google of my name.

It would have been a interesting talk though… lmao

Michelle M. Pillow