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Friday September 19th 2014

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NY Author, Jacquelyn Frank of the Nightwalker Series will be joining us tomorrow (WED 11AM-12PM) on Raven Radio. She’ll also be giving away a treat!

To hear what Jacquelyn had to say about the upcoming show on her blog, go here!

“Jacquelyn Frank is a fresh voice, a stunning new talent. I look forward to the next book.” -Sherrilyn Kenyon

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The Tarot Cards: 8 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards

Author: Ian Paton

To many people reading Tarot cards is simply harmless fun.

It seems to fit in with the New Age Movement where people try to get in touch with their ‘Inner Spirit’. They believe a Tarot card reading can be used by them to channel their thoughts and connect somehow with the ‘Oneness of the Universe’.

To others it can become a practice or activity to which they are completely devoted, and eventually it becomes part of their way of life. Read the rest of this entry »

TJ Michaels ~ Author Feature

Egyptian Voyage – The Empress

Egyptian Voyage – The Empress by TJ Michaels

An overworked undercover agent desperately in need of rest, Chrysalyn Geyer couldn’t have been more miffed with her boss. What was she supposed to do on a mandatory three-month vacation? Stuck on a private residence cruise ship, she tried to prepare herself for what was sure to be pure boredom. Then he appeared—Rahn Benson. What the hell was he doing here? And while her spirit guide was happy to see the man, Chrys couldn’t see past knocking him senseless for breaking her heart the last time she’d been with the rogue.

Rahn is determined to do anything to win Chrys back. But first he must protect her from the unseen threat quietly stalking her from port to port. Rahn was damned good at his job, but could he work his way past Chrys’ stubbornness to occupy a place in her heart, rather than just her bed?

And what of the refined-looking gentleman determined to catch her eye?

ISBN# 9781419912191

Available Formats –Digital eBook
Release Date – 08/29/2007

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What Reviewers are Saying!
“Using heat, danger and tension, Egyptian Voyage will keep you glued to that edge of your seat as you go along for the ride. TJ Michaels has written a story that will fascinate, horrify and ultimately delight the reader.” 4.5 Stars, Sensuality Rating: Sultry @ Ecataromance Sensual, Elise Lyn

What inspired you to write this book?
When Ellora’s Cave announced the Torrid Tarot series, the first thing I did was look into a few of the meaning of tarot cards. The meaning of the III Empress card caught my interest, but the meaning of that same card simply intrigued me. I wanted to write a follow up to PRIMED TO POUNCE with spirit guides anyway. This book made it possible to combine 1) the mystery and meaning behind the III Empress, 2) some good old fashioned Native American myth regarding spirit guides, and 3) a good dose of ‘seriously bad’ bad guy.

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Enter by posting your comment to this feature for a chance to win a copy of my Wild Winter Quickie from Ellora’s Cave called GIFT WRAP OPTIONAL.


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Join Jacquelyn Frank and Raven Radio!

NY Author, Jacquelyn Frank will be joining us next wee on Raven Radio. She’ll also be giving away a treat!

To hear what Jacquelyn had to say, go here!

Link to show : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ravenradio

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Chupacabra – One of the most frightening creatures of Cryptozoology

Author: Robert W. Benjamin

The Chupacabra is one of the most recent creatures of cryptozoology, first seen during the early 1990s in Puerto Rico. El Chupacabra, Chupacabras or Goat Sucker is a creature native to the Americas, particularly the island where it was first reported, Mexico, and the United States, although this being has been reported in other Latin American communities.

Goat sucker is the literal translation to the Spanish word Chupacabra, the name given to the creature after being reported as a winged being, with the habit of attacking and drinking the blood of goats and livestock. Like occurs with other cryptids, the Chupacabra is described in different way after the sightings in Puerto Rico. From the North Carolinas in the United States to the south of Chile bordering with Argentina, the Chupacabra was a lonely single creature flying from one location to another, until the reports of attacks revealed that there is more than one creature in the area. Read the rest of this entry »

Carolan Ivey, Gia Dawn, Sela Carsen ~ Author Feature

Love & Lore (anthology)

Love & Lore (anthology) by Carolan Ivey, Gia Dawn, Sela Carsen

Journey to the heart of Celtic legend.

Samhain is pleased to celebrate its second anniversary with three novellas that will lure you into the labyrinth of Celtic myth and legend.

In WILDISH THINGS, Carolan Ivey brings together an artist who is wounded in both body and spirit, and a sexy Irish bad boy on a Harley. Their whirlwind fling across Ireland takes a dangerous turn when their sexual chemistry awakens the deadly lust of an ancient goddess.

Gia Dawn’s offering of A FAIRY SPECIAL GIFT has it all: A woman who can see fairies and wishes she couldn’t, and a man who promises to help her with her “problem”—for the price of a kiss. Stir in the Celtic god Lugh who wants the woman for himself, rowdy flock of untamed pixies, and a pining Banshee in need of a makeover, and let’s just say there aren’t enough fairy traps in the world to control the chaos.

THE HEART OF THE SEA beckons in Sela Carsen’s take on the Selchie legend. When a woman accidentally falls into the sea and turns into a seal, her lover believes her drowned. Seven years later, she rescues him from a shipwreck and for one blissful night, she returns to her human form. But only for a night. Can true love overcome the Selchie curse?

ISBN# 1-59998-723-6

Available Formats –Trade paperback, eBook (Adobe, eBookwise REB1150, HTML, Mobipocket, MS Reader, Rocketbook)

Release Date – Nov. 1, 2007

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What Reviewers are Saying!
“From selkies to gods… Love & Lore is a spellbinding, sensual delight.” – Mandy M. Roth

What inspired you to write this book?

Samhain put out the call for submissions for their annual anniversary anthology, and this year the theme was Celtic mythology. It was up our alley all the way! We all jumped at the chance to write a romance drawing from the deep well of inspiration that is Celtic mythology.

Personal Links
Carolan Ivey: www.carolanivey.com
Gia Dawn: www.giadawn.com
Sela Carsen: www.selacarsen.com



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Real Ghost Story ~ Author, Dawn Chartier

Real Ghost Story ~ Author, Dawn Chartier

I was lounging on the sofa with my husband watching television late one night. I didn’t have my daughters that evening, because they were sleeping at their fathers, my ex-husbands house.

I glanced over and found my husband sound asleep. I must have followed shortly after. I’m not sure what woke me up, but I felt as though someone was watching me. I glanced at my husband, and he was still out cold. Then I noticed the large mecho shade on the glass windows to my right was still opened. I closed them, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. My eyes found my retriever still asleep. He’d sleep through anything. I’m not sure why, but I turned my head to glance at my balcony. There was a dark shadow figure peeking from around my daughter’s bedroom wall. It was staring at me. At least I thought it was. My heart slammed hard against my chest so hard it hurt. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes briefly, and hoped it was all my imagination. Please be gone I prayed. My eyes opened and the dark cloaked shadow was still there. I think it wanted to taunt me. I couldn’t see its eyes or face, but as my skin tingled, I knew it wasn’t good. It felt evil.

My hand reached out and I shook my husband. He didn’t wake. I was scared to death, and I was even more scared to glance back upstairs. But I did.

It was gone.

It knew I saw it, and yet it didn’t care. Why did it want me to see it? Hell, maybe I was dreaming. God, I hoped I was dreaming.

I finally woke my husband, but I didn’t tell him. Its bad enough I wake him up during the night with strange nightmares. He only says I need to stop reading spooky books or stop watching scary movies. I tell him I’ve had nightmares every since I can remember.

We go bed. Thank God, my bedroom is downstairs. It took a long time for me to fall asleep. I was up often though. It seemed every little noise I was leaning up on my elbows trying to listen closer. Could that noise have been that thing?

I finally fell asleep when suddenly my daughter called to me through our intercom system sitting on the nightstand. “Mom. Mom.” I vaguely heard her. I was still half asleep. My husband shook me. “Hey, Maggie is calling you.” I awoke a little more. My daughter calls again, “Mom, come upstairs. I need you.” Now, I sat up. I’m trying to clear the sleep fog from my head. My husband nudges me, “Aren’t you going up to check on her?”

“Mom, please come upstairs.”

I’m finally up and I feel my heart wanting to explode inside my chest. My body began to shake terribly. I feel my eyes grow wider, and my breathing stopped. I could hear my heart beating. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I gasp and after a second of holding my breath. “No,” I whisper.

My husband pats my leg. “No, what?”

“That’s not Maggie.”

“Hmm.” He replies still half asleep.

“The girls aren’t here. They’re at their dads.”

Just then the voice from the intercom began to eerily laugh in the creepiest tone I’ve ever heard in my life. I jolted out the bed wondering if I could’ve been sleeping. Had I really heard this? I listened again. My husband was snoring. I quickly jumped back in bed. I didn’t know what to do. I was so shook up. I wrapped his arm around me for comfort.

But, I knew I had to peak at the intercom. I had to see if someone was still there. I lifted my head and saw the red light was lit. That meant her talk button was on. Goose bumps ran up and down my arms and legs.
I screamed in my throat. It hurt like hell. I woke my husband. I demanded that he go upstairs and check. He came back down with an aggravated look. No one was there.

I haven’t seen the dark shadow since. Was I dreaming or not? It didn’t feel like I dream, but I sure hope it was.

Dawn Chartier


Kate Austin drew the winner for her Author Feature! Congrats Pam K!

From Kate…

Congratulations, Pam K., you’ve won a copy of Seeing is Believing, another book, and a souvenir…Just email me at kate@kateaustin.ca with your real name and address and I’ll put it in the mail to you.

Thanks, everybody, for stopping by.


Gemstones and Birthstone Symbolism

Author: IC

Gemstones have been a fascinating and delight source for mankind for centuries. Their mysterious appeal, unique colors, the play of light within them self, their rarity and durability have made them valuable.

Gemstones and crystals are considered being part of the natural wonders of the Earth and have been thought to possess certain magical powers.

They were extensively used in numerous jewelry making, decorating ornaments or as talismans and amulets, as therapeutic aids, or religious rituals objects. Below are some information about some popular used gemstone for your reference. Read the rest of this entry »

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