A Hired Affair

by LA Brookes, Lydia Brookes

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Book Cover: A Hired Affair

Nicole Davis is kept busy owning her own bar, and is too busy to find love. But, if she can’t find love, she’ll settle for sex—even if she has to pay for it. She knows she could never love a man like Jack, whose job requires him to sleep with women, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hire him for a few hours.

LA Brookes writing as Lydia Brookes

Publisher: The Raven

About the Authors

LA Brookes

LA Brookes is a very good girl by day. By night, she lets her fingers do the talking and writes racy stories--mostly about sexy man love. LA also writes M/F erotic romance as Lydia Brookes.

Lydia Brookes

Lydia Brookes by day is a mother and member of the PTO. By night, she writes racy stories and let's her fingers do the talking. She also writes M/M erotic romance under the name LA Brookes.