Sin Collection

An Erotic Short Story

by Lexie Lashe

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Book Cover: Sin Collection

Sin Collection - 3 Book Erotica Bundle

Book 1: Decadence and Sin

Paranormal Shifter Vampire Erotica

Thank you past, may I have another?

The vampire Nicolas doesn't bother learning the names of the women who service his sexual needs and cater to his every whim. They are nothing more than a means to an end for him. His deviant tastes run deeper than they can satisfy and when his old friend, the werewolf William, arrives with a female gift in tow--Nicolas finds his interests piqued. Jules is more than either immortal banked on and she isn't about to take orders from any man, or vamp or wolf.

Warning: This short story contains kink to the extreme, multiple partners, brief mmf and no romantic thread.

Book 2: Séance and Sin

Paranormal Necromancer Ghost Erotica

Amanda Farland doesn't fit in with, well, anyone. Her college professors pick on her and her classmates avoid her. She's all alone until she discovers she has a very special gift. As a necromancer, she can control the dead. Not corpses, but spirits she can turn to corporeal form. Sure, her ancestors used the gift to feed their addiction to evil, but Amanda has a much more interesting vice. She uses her power for pleasure. Everything's perfect until she encounters the one ghost she can't control...

Warning: Graphic sexual content, adult language. This short story contains kink to the extreme and no romantic thread

Book 3: Submission and Sin

Paranormal Vampire Erotica

When a Master Vampire comes calling, you have no choice but to answer. As a natural born witch, Judith knows this better than most. Antonio has been calling on her for months, demanding servitude and obedience. But what will happen when the servant finds a way to subdue the master?

Warning: This short story contains kink to the extreme and no romantic thread.

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Lexie Lashe is a pen name for a fantastically awesome romance writer who wanted to spread her creative wings and soar into naughty girl territory.

She writes erotica and erotic romances, not meant for the faint of heart or delicate of sensibility.