Take Me

by Elle Erotique

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Book Cover: Take Me
Part of the The Girl Next Door Book series:
  • Take Me

Book One in The Girl Next Door Series

Krissy is finally out on her own, living in her new apartment and working on her graduate degree. Life has been so busy, there’s been no time for a social life, let alone time to find a man. When the hot guy in the building across the way deliberately catches her eye, she’s finally found something to set her sights on.

Sam is captivated by his new neighbor. She’s a temptress and he’s fast suspecting she knows exactly what she’s doing when she parades around in next to nothing and then casts him a seductive look. He’s never been timid when it comes to women, but he’s having trouble working up the nerve to approach 4B. Something about her appeals to him, but underneath he’s worried—she could be “the one”, but is the wealthy bachelor really ready to settle down?

Warning: This short story is hard, dirty and it’s for one thing—pleasure.

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Elle is the alter ego of an established, bestselling author. Elle wanted the freedom to write whatever she wanted without pre-established notions getting in the way.