Total Eclipse of The Hunt

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there's no such thing as normal.

As a centaur, Deputy Jake Majoy (Deputy March), is immortal and has seen and done a lot in his five hundred years. Enough to know that Everlasting feels like home. It’s been perfect for him to fade away and blend in, as the town is anything but normal—and they protect their own. So, when a newcomer ends up in their midst, at the same time magical items go missing around town, it’s his duty to step in to restore law and order. But the pull he feels to the woman is anything but part of the job.

Kelsey Gibbons has (literally) followed all the signs leading to the tiny town of Everlasting, Maine. When her arrival coincides with an uptick in crime, it becomes very clear that the chaos has only just begun. And when a hunky man in uniform shows up on the scene, it’s all she can do to focus on finding answers.

Can she and Jake beat the clock and the evil that has come back to town?

*Books in the Happily Everlasting series can be read in ANY order!

Publisher: The Raven