by Rory Michaels

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Book Cover: Unabashed

Two men, one woman...one hell of a good time.

Logan Kanuho and Albert Hargrove have been friends since Logan moved to Macon Valley from the reservation. For years they’ve talked of little else than finding a woman to satisfy their manly needs and to be a bond between them. Albert found their one perfect woman, but hasn’t felt the need to share her until now.
Misty Hargrove doesn’t know what to think when her husband of one year cashes in on her offer of anything he wants for their anniversary. She never expected him to select a threesome with his best friend. Can these three see to their baser needs while also seeing to their hearts?

*short, hot, sizzling read

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Best selling author Rory Michaels has a soft spot for men in cowboy boots and at one point in her life, raised pigs. Now older, wiser and slightly curvier, she pens erotic tales that tease the senses and still loves a man in boots