Under His Spell

by Natasha Logan

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Book Cover: Under His Spell

Paranormal Romance
Destiny comes with a price.

Valerie Walsh has gotten more than she bargained for as the new owner of Olivier Manor. The real estate listing said nothing about supernatural tenants, the mysterious old cottage, or a prophecy needing to be fulfilled. Out of everything, perhaps the most unsettling of all is the sexily wicked Troy Olivier.
Troy doesn't want his family's old home, but that doesn't mean the creatures of the house don't still want him. He tries to run from the legacy of his family, but the mystery surrounding his past won't let him leave. Destiny has plans of its own and those plans just might include the captivating Valerie.

This is a standalone story. Originally published in the NY Times #8 and USA Today Bestselling Book: Taming the Alpha

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives. 
Natasha loves writing about magical creatures both good and bad. She is a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.