by Rory Michaels

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Book Cover: Unexpected

Two men, one woman...one hell of a good time.

Best friends since childhood, Perry and Sean know each other's deep dark secrets. The people of Macon Valley whisper of their deviant ways--the fact they like kink and enjoy sharing women. But the town doesn't understand that they're looking for that one perfect woman to fill the void in their hearts. They know that they'll be sharing her both in and out of the bedroom and they're fine with that. Trouble is the woman they've selected isn't so sure she's ready for both of them. Can they win her heart as easy as they do her body?

*short, hot, sizzling read

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Best selling author Rory Michaels has a soft spot for men in cowboy boots and at one point in her life, raised pigs. Now older, wiser and slightly curvier, she pens erotic tales that tease the senses and still loves a man in boots

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