by Rory Michaels

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Book Cover: Unspoken

Two men, one woman...one hell of a good time.

Back from the service, best friends Wyatt Hews and Clay Miller are ready to seize hold of what they want. Shy, li'l Harley Gainer had held their hearts since High School. She'd been so innocent and so unassuming when they'd shipped out. While she's certainly maintained her innocence, she learned to put her foot her down and has grown into a beautifully sassy young woman. Neither man can resist her and they're hoping she can't say no to them either. See, she's the woman they want to share their bed and their lives with from here on out and the boys will stop at nothing to get her. Will she agree to a night of passion or will she cut and run out on something that could be wonderful?

*short, hot, sizzling read

Publisher: The Raven

About the Author

Best selling author Rory Michaels has a soft spot for men in cowboy boots and at one point in her life, raised pigs. Now older, wiser and slightly curvier, she pens erotic tales that tease the senses and still loves a man in boots