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Erotica Titles: May or may not have HEA, sex is key, romance is secondary thread. If you want super hot sex but with more romance visit the genre you’d like to read. Our erotic romance titles are mixed in there.

They Call Me Trixie Series Box Set

They Call Me Trixie Series


They Call Me Trixie

These are NOT like normal Mandy Roth books. These are hardcore BIG TIME! Don’t buy them if you’re not into that. Trust us, you won’t like them unless you like your sex dirty and gritty with no apologies. THESE ARE SERIALS: That means you don’t get your happy ending until the end of the three short stories and these are NOT “romance” as you know romance to be.

Being an escort is easy…if you know the Trix of the trade.

They call me Trixie. I’m whatever you need me to be. Some like me to bend to their whim. Some like me to take charge. Others just like to take me, any way they can. I’m not ashamed of my job. It pays the bills and sometimes—I get off on it. I don’t have those puritanical hangups most Americans do. I like men. I like women. Mostly, I like to make money. Peek inside my world. I dare you. Be warned, my story is short and it is not a romance. It does not have a happily ever after.

Programmed for Pleasure (Cyber Sex Series Book 3)


Programmed for Pleasure

Book Three in the Cyber Seduction Series


Programmed for Pleasure
Futuristic Erotic Romance

Programmed for Pleasure was previously published under the author name Mandy M. Roth.

Lt. Commander Dirks gets his kink on by hooking himself to a homemade hologram machine. He’s programmed in the woman he’s loved his entire life and spends his free time taking her every way he can. The only problem is, she’s not the real deal—she’s not his Haels.

Haeley settled on a planet that doesn’t allow modern technologies because she wanted away from anything to do with the Star Union—the very organization that lured Dirks away from her so many years ago. When he shows up, attempting to negotiate the safe return of one of his crew members, she’s shocked to see him and even more surprised to learn he still has feelings for her. She doesn’t shy away from his advances. She’s hardly the same girl she used to be. Now she’s a woman who is in control of her sexual side and isn’t afraid to show it. Desire ignites and the two find themselves heating up the sheets, the wall, the floor and just about anywhere else they can manage.

Take Me (The Girl Next Door Book 1)



Take Me

Book One in The Girl Next Door series


Take Me (The Girl Next Door)
Contemporary Erotica

Twenty-one year old Krissy is a virgin and is finally out on her own, living in her new apartment. It comes with a view of a hot, sexy, man who lives across from her building. She’s caught his eye. She knows because she’s watched him masturbating to the sight of her. She’s been teasing him, taunting him, wanting him to take her.

Sam can’t stop watching the sexy new piece of ass that has moved across from him. She likes to parade around in next to nothing, tempting him. When she tells him she wants him to be the man to take her and fuck her hard, he jumps at the chance. He isn’t one to pass up a tight, sexy body or a chance at great sex.

This short story isn’t a romance with some long drawn out plot line to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s erotica. It’s hard, dirty and it’s for one thing—pleasure. Contains graphic sexual content, explicit, with all persons being 18 years or older.

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