Prepared to Please

prepared to please



Prepared to Please

Book One in the Cyber Seduction Series


Prepared to Please
Futuristic Erotic Romance

Prepared to Please was previously published under the author name Mandy M. Roth

She’s hot, willing and ready do anything to satisfy him at a single command. Captain Roman Parker’s dream woman? Not quite. Because she’s not real. The hologram he’s created to relieve his sexual tensions is a poor substitute for the real Destiny—the woman who makes his blood boil and fire shoot through his loins. Except Destiny doesn’t want him…or so he thinks.

Lt. Commander Destiny Stewart has had her eye on her superior officer from the moment they met. Not wanting to lose her position aboard the expedition vessel, Destiny sticks with pleasuring herself and enlists the help of a holographic likeness of Captain Parker to really get her juices flowing.

Technology brings Roman and Destiny a soulless satisfaction—until they discover just how much better the real thing can be.

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