Romancing the Recluse (Stop Dragon My Heart Around)



Romancing the Recluse


Romancing the Recluse
Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance
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Tipping the Scales by
Mandy M Roth

Viktor Dracodomus’ biological clock is ticking. As a dragon shifter, he only has a short time left to find his mate and reproduce or he’ll be forever sterile. Considering he’s lived for centuries, it shouldn’t be too hard. But there’s one catch. This recluse hasn’t been on a date for some time—since Queen Victoria took the throne. Modern women are nothing like those he remembers dealing with.

Samantha Egan’s life is in a slump, despite the fact she’s an heiress. She was just fired from a volunteer job, her boyfriend left her and she’s all alone in the world. But being the lady of propriety she is, she can’t believe it when she is compelled to start making out with a stranger in the middle of Central Park. Now the sexy man won’t keep his hands to himself and it’s all she can do to say no.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.

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